Renovating your garage

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Renovating your garage

If you have decided to carry out a renovation project on your garage the chances are you will have considered painting the walls, perhaps replacing the floor and updating the storage or shelving units within it, but the garage door won’t have been thought about.

However, roller shutter doors can bring great advantages to your garage and house so if you are planning a garage renovation project, then consider replacing your old garage door with a brand new roller shutter door instead.

If you keep your car or other valuables in the garage, then security becomes an issue. Equally, if there is a door inside your garage which leads into your home, then securing your garage is even more vital. Roller shutter doors cannot be forced and make it incredibly hard for someone to break into your garage, creating peace of mind.

But it’s not just security which new doors can impact upon. If your garage is always freezing, making it an unused space, or resulting in the room above your garage being too cold for comfort as well, then the addition of roller shutter doors could make a big difference to your heating bills. Most rollers have foam inside which has an insulating effect, and the way the doors seal when closed will prevent heat loss.

Renovating the garage might include trying to improve the appearance of the garage and roller shutter doors come in range of colours and finishes, including wood effect, which means they look far better and superior to your average garage door.

They are also far more durable and weather resistant so won’t look battered and worn after the slightest wind and rain storm, and will hold your garage contents secure against even the most violent of general weather systems.

In terms of the practical use of space, roller shutter doors open vertically so you don’t have to worry about parking your car too close to them, or being unable to get out. They are also fitted with sensors to detect when things are close to them as they are closing, such as children, pets or cars, and will kick in with a safety system to avoid accidents. Even if there is a power failure, most of these types of doors come with a manual override so you can still get your car in and out if you need to.


If you are planning to sell your home then having roller shutter doors can add value to your home, improve the kerb appeal and increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers due to the added security and potentially lower energy bills. You can find great guides for home renovations and products like induction hot pans at Velo Vision.


If you are renovating your garage to use it as a studio or a useful room, then the other bonus of having roller shutter doors is that they block out all of the light, which means the garage can be used for a multitude of purposes.


Renovation projects need to consider the whole space from floor to ceiling, but don’t forget about the doors as something as simple as replacing your garage door could give your property a whole new perspective and value. Remember to leave room for something like a mobility scooter if you have one.


After you have finish your renovating project, it is always best to remember to recycle and depose of the unwanted rubbish and materials correctly. provide the green initiative when disposing the materials you didn’t use with recycling or reusing materials to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.







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